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Having discovered TextMate in early 2005 on the search for a good text editor for OSX, I almost instantly fell in love with it. Here are some of my contributions.


I’ve written two Tutorials for TextMate.

The Setup Tutorial tells you about the places to tune and tweak the look and features of TextMate.

The Basics Tutorial shows off the great features of TextMate and gives you a good start at understanding the concept & the guts of the Editor as well as a good idea of how you can enhance it and contribute yourself.

Bundles and more


I’m the maintainer of the TODO List Bundle. It is included in the standard TextMate distribution and let’s you show TODO & FIXME items in your project.


Compiling a Documentation project made of several Markdown files to HTML.

Markdown2Book page



Sunburst Thumbnail

A colorful and high contrast theme inspired by Twilight.

Available via the TextMate WiKi or here for direct download.

Thu Oct 13 16:48:35 CET 2005

Code Styler (Unfinished Concept)

Proof of Concept interface of a theme chooser and coder styler for TextMate. Using the fantastic commands from Brad Choate to generate CSS from TextMate theme and convert documents to HTML files, this nifty little thing let’s you view code how it would look in TextMate. You can choose a small number of Code snippets and Themes right now and just play with it a little. Feedback welcome.

The idea is to use this on your site for pasting code or as a general pastebin for the IRC channel. It’s a little PHP thingy and some XHR to load the source.

Thanks to Jacob Rus for his ideas and some of the themes provided here.

Code Styler

Sun May 14 21:02:59 CEST 2006

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