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You will need a TextMate Project (a Scratch Project will do) to make this work.


The following files & folders are needed:


You can use reference style links ([link description][link id]) in your text. There is a command Update References that will collect them from all .markdown files in the pages folder and write them to a file markdown.references in the project root. It notifies you of missing or duplicate entries via a Tooltip. You can then edit this file and insert the link targets within your text. The Generate Script will add id attributes to your headings, so you can reference them directly. Is converts some characters (- \/_) to underscores and strips non-alphanumeric characters afterwards.

I wrote a command Show References that brings up a dialog with all the references from the markdown.references file and inserts a reference snippet.

Generation process

The Generate Command is a Ruby Script, which does some transformation, constructs the Table of Contents and runs all your Markdown files through Markdown, SmartyPants (for good Typography) and the Image-Script.

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